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How you use technology in your business determines whether you succeed or fail. Bright Interactive is an experienced web and software development company. Our approach delivers quality applications and web development features that make a difference, on time and on budget. We're proud that 17 FTSE 100 companies and major enterprises across the globe use Bright Interactive.

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Website Development

Bright Interactive is experienced in building websites across a wide range of sectors. We are experts in delivering easy-to-use, data-driven, interactive websites that are a pleasure for customers to use.

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Software Development

What makes successful software development? Great people, frequent communication within our team and with our clients, strong technical design, pragmatic tools and agile processes. Most importantly: expect change.

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Database Development

Pretty much all development we do involves a database of some sort. The two big challenges are: 1) getting the data model right and 2) building a user interface that fits how people want to work with the data.

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Digital Asset Management

Our flagship Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, Asset Bank, is used by over 400 companies worldwide. We also use our DAM components to develop media-rich websites quickly and for a great price.

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Workflow Management

If you provide your customers with a unique service, a bespoke workflow management system can be a great asset - something that fits your business perfectly and ensures the smooth delivery of your product or service.

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What is Agile Web Development?

All our web development projects use Agile Methodology. Agile Web Development promises to deliver shippable quality features as early as possible, so you can test these features with actual users, guiding further feature development. From our experience, once you’ve tried Agile there’s no going back.

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‘Thanks for the continuing good work you are doing on designs and look and feel — the application prototypes have been extremely well received.’

Mike Lawn, Accenture