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What we do

We develop technically-robust websites and applications that people really want to use. A client brings their vision to us - we make it happen.

We provide all the services required for a web and software development project, including UX design, code development, testing, project management and ongoing support.

Part of our company philosophy is to provide real value to our clients, which does not mean doing everything they ask us to do without question. We are experts in avoiding the waste often associated with software development - for example features that are not used, code that doesn't work or meet the requirements, and documentation that is never read or understood. So we seek to understand the business objectives behind a client’s idea and then we work with them to produce the most valuable solution for their available budget.

As well as bespoke software development we have developed a number of our own software products and services including our Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, Asset Bank, which is used by over 500 companies worldwide.

We follow our own version of lean startup at Bright Interactive when considering new product ideas, to minimise waste by ensuring we develop products that are really needed and therefore that will be actually used. We bring this experience to our custom web development projects - rather than attempting to think of everything a website or application might need and then building that in one phase, we often recommend developing a Minimum Lovable Product (like an MVP but one that users love) and launching it to real users as soon as possible - and then learning from them what to develop next.