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Goway Travel case study

Goway is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced travel companies in North America. They specialise in long haul travel to destinations including Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East , Latin America and some of the world's most idyllic Islands.

We were chosen as their web development company to work alongside other specialists in lead generation, visual design and travel management systems to build and enhance 

Goway Travel Web Development Case Study

The Brief

Goway needed a web development company that could:

  • Develop a website that integrated with other applications, for example the booking system, TravelBox.
  • Offer a strong technical team they could trust to work independently with a wide range of partners on the project, often across different time zones.
  • Assess and mitigate risks early in the project.
  • Provide ongoing support and further web development as required.

After spending a month or two getting to know each other Goway decided we were the best fit for the job and work commenced.

Our Approach

One of the most important elements of our work with Goway has been using Agile web development. Though Bright Interactive delivers all our web development projects using Agile techniques, this was new to Goway. We explained that this approach delivers regular stages of web development which are fit for purpose and delivered on time and on budget. It also allows us to spot any hurdles in the process early and thus save time and money on wasted resource.

"Blended CMS"

One of the key goals of the project was to employ a Content Management System (CMS) that avoided the need to re-enter product descriptions and other data that already existed in Goway's TravelBox booking system. Many CMSes are not flexible enough to allow external data to be blended with CMS data in this way, so we developed a custom CMS for Goway based on FeinCMS that allows TravelBox data and website-specific content to be seamlessly blended into a single page.


The Results

We have now been working with Goway for two years, the new site is live and the next web development sprint will be our 19th, providing further functionality for the site so it continues to offer a satisfying user experience.

To get Goway's perspective on what it's like to work with Bright Interactive, watch this short interview with VP of Product and Marketing, Scott Duncan.