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Discover Adventure case study

Discover Adventure is a tour operator specialising in fundraising trekking and cycling challenges. They work with charities, companies, private groups, schools and youth groups taking people all over the world to take part in life-changing adventures in a safe environment. 

As you can imagine the logistics for such an operation are quite challenging themselves. Discover Adventure needed an efficient booking and workflow management system to ensure the smooth running of each of their challenges: from the initial marketing of a trip, through customer booking and the many logistical activities that entail making the trip happen.

Working with Wild Dog Design and Discover Adventure, Bright Interactive provided this mission critical system. The system integrates with the marketing site to provide trip, charity and availability information, the booking forms for customers, and the bespoke workflow system to smoothly manage all the steps for each trip.

The customer booking system

The workflow management system

Using an Agile web development approach to the project Bright Interactive was able to tackle the risky areas first, proving our strategies for integration, data migration (over a decade of customer data) and reporting, delivering high quality features early for testing and to ensure fit for purpose.

We built the system using the Django web application framework, this gave the project a great head start on many of the admin features, and made XP practices such as Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration a breeze. We integrated with the Joomla front end via a REST API ensuring clean separation of concerns and enabling the server architecture to be scaled up should this be needed, as Discover Adventure's business grows.

You can experience the end result for yourself on the Discover Adventure website.

Here's what Discover Adventure had to say about working with Bright Interactive:

'What I like about your developers is that they know how to speak to business people and ask intelligent questions — you don't hide them under a layer of management.'

Richard Downard, Discover Adventure

If you would like to explore how we can help you with your booking or workflow management system please get in touch.