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From Asset Bank to The Design Collection

Written on: Dec. 16, 2015

Occasionally, as is the case with The National Archives, we get to work with clients across both sides of our business. In addition to custom web software development, Bright Interactive is also the company behind Asset Bank, industry leading Digital Asset Management software used by over 500 organisations across the globe. We often find working on an Asset Bank project gives clients a chance to get to know us, then if a suitable custom development project comes along, often involving assets like images and video, they can feel confident that we can deliver. This was exactly the case with The National Archives.  After successfully launching Asset Bank as their new image management system they contacted us to help them develop a new website called The Design Collection.

Read on for an overview of both projects.

A new image management system

Back in 2013 we helped The National Archives launch their new e-commerce image management system. Asset Bank was configured so that customers could browse and order images from their extensive catalogue. Given this service was previously delivered by phone and email communication you can imagine the benefits to The National Archives of enabling their customers to help themselves quickly and easily online.   

                       The National Archives Image Library

Moving on to custom development

Having successfully launched their image library we were delighted when The National Archives team contacted us again last year to discuss a bespoke development project. The brief this time was to establish a website, called The Design Collection, where users would be able to subscribe to access over 1000 designs from The National Archives’ heritage collection.

The project was a genuine collaboration - just how we like it - with The National Archives team taking care of front end design and build and our team developing the technical application and subscription management system.

The Design Collection

You can read more about our approach and the impact of the project via our case study.

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