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Build a Hovercraft in two hours

Written on: July 29, 2015

Bright Interactive HQ is located in Brighton, one of the UK’s fastest growing tech hubs. The highlight of the tech calendar has got to be the Brighton Digital Festival in September. It’s a great opportunity for everyone working in Brighton’s digital industry to get together and swap tips and tricks.

Having been on the Brighton tech scene for over fifteen years we thought it was time we got involved. So this year, we’re running not one but two Open Studio events. Read on below for a summary of the events and links to book your place.

Build a Hovercraft in under two hours

Build your own hovercraft

When not team leading at Asset Bank, founder Eric runs a geek club for would be developers to build fun stuff. One of their most successful sessions involved building hovercrafts out of scrap material. Eric has decided to bring his hovercraft knowhow to the office and is running a workshop for up to thirty on 1st September at 3.30 pm. The session will offer a chance to build your team working skills and learn about Agile project management, electronics and gaffa tape. It will culminate in a few beers and a race-off.

Book your place now.

DAM, why didn’t I think of that before?


DAM, Why didn't I think of that before?

Bright Interactive is the team behind Asset Bank, a leading Digital Asset Management system (DAM system). We often partner up with agencies who are looking for a solution to help them manage and share their content, or what we call digital assets; logos, ads, images, videos, presentations and so on. In this short session we’ll introduce DAM and show you how a DAM system it works. The session runs on 3rd September at 4.30pm.

Book your place now.


So if you are in Brighton this September please come and say hello. And if you’re not in the city maybe this could be a good excuse to visit? We’d love to see you.

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