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Our approach to Web Development

One of the great things about working at Bright is that we get to work with a broad range of clients.

Ranging completely in size, so we have some very large multi-national companies, also then have charities, not for profit.

Personally just knowing that you’ve done a small amount of work to help them with their goals, I think is something that we are all really proud of. 

The traditional approach to developing software is Waterfall which really comes from the construction industry so they client will receive some explanation, usually written of what they are going to get with a price tag.

I think the fixed price approach had been proven to be very unrealistic. Speak to project managers all over the world who have been involved in fixed price traditional waterfall projects, I think you’ll find very few where the project was delivered on time and with the required number of features.

Agile development is more like a collaborative approach between the company who wants the software and the company building it. So typically with an agile project, if you’re a client, you’ll have something in your hands that works within a matter of weeks rather than months or years. It’s about focusing on delivering value.

So all of the developers that we have are very competent and highly skilled and so our recruitment process for finding developers is very rigorous. So we’re perfectly happy to wait until the right developer comes in before we add them to the team.

Writing commercial software is not about gold plating things and fulfilling your own kind of ambitions so to speak, it’s really about delivering value to the customer.
I still very much enjoying solving problems for clients so I find it very fulfilling when we pull out all the stops and deliver a working solution to a client.

I think trust is a vital foundation for any successful business relationship. Here at Bright Interactive we really understand that trust has to be earned. We’ve got a proven track record of delivering projects for our clients so you could look at our portfolio and look at the profiles of our people but really for me I think you have to come in and meet us and meet the team who are actually going to be working on your project and I think if you do that then issues like trust and so on, just fall into place.