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Meet the Bright Interactive Team


The amazing thing about working here is that you are left to your own devices in your role. It’s a hard-working company and things are always monitored to a certain extent but you are left to monitor yourself and I find that very important.

You know you don’t have anyone looking over you, you’re sort of given responsibility to get on with  your tasks and of course you know, looking out of the window on the ninth floor helps.

Everybody who works for us respects their colleagues, everybody has a passion for the work that they do, they work hard.

I would describe the people that work here as talented, committed, interested in a wide variety of things, driven by the desire to produce technically excellent service for our clients.

We’ve also got the booze fridge as well on a Friday that opens up at 4 o’clock

I mean I’m sure most offices do stuff like team building activities but we do things maybe a little bit differently, we have a number of poker nights, there’s talk of us doing a zombie survival evening as well which should be quite interesting, hopefully we’ll make it through.

The one memory that comes to my mind all the time is the Christmas party and that was so much fun, so it’s a great company to work for and that’s why I really enjoy it.

It’s a very vibrant environment to work in. it’s great to work with people who are really excellent and inspire you to try and improve yourself.

It’s quite interesting working with the developers, we’ve got kind of a range of people who are very committed to the code they are writing, it’s quite interesting to see that kind of up close.

There’s a strong focus on work but also it’s quite a laid back atmosphere as well. I think I actually still am pinching myself little bit to remind myself that I’m at work.