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Learning to build a Hovercraft using Agile development techniques


Today we are running a workshop where people who are part of the Brighton Digital festival can build hovercrafts and we are doing that using agile techniques.

We have broken down the work into a series of sprints, we start off having a go and we get something together.  So in my team we focused on trying to just make the hovercraft lift up a little bit and we were able to do that at the end of the first sprint.

Then we had a little race where we could look at what other people were doing and think about what we could learn and what we could improve for next time.  Then we went into sprint two with all that learning and a little bit more experimentation and we were able to build on our design.

I'm interested in how teams work and I love building things, so I thought this is going to be perfect.

We are currently testing a couple of new designs, we have got two prototypes going on and were are coming up to the third race.  We won the first, didn't make it through the second but we have done some revamps and now think we can win this.

It was really nice to see the sprint in action and especially apply to hovercrafts, not software development.

It was interesting, the first two sprints we did not produce a hovering hovercraft and in the last sprint we produced two hovering hovercrafts.

So we build all our projects using agile techniques so we found that by far the most effective way to deliver real value to our clients quickly and to get them products that they and their users love.