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Interview with Scott Duncan Goway Travel


Goway Travel is a wholesaler, we’re based in Toronto. We’re one of North America’s largest wholesalers.

My role is to how we adopt technology to make Goway a better and more efficient company. Our existing website was very dated, we just needed to make some major changes to it. That proved to be a little bit more difficult than we thought as we kind of expanded our search. So we were looking at various websites with light and we were looking at the source code and we actually came across 

Bright Interactive and one of the sites that we were really interested in and we basically contacted Bright Interactive here in Brighton and kind of went from there.

We really like their strategy, their approach, obviously they use the agile web development strategy.

It was explained to us that the approach would be broken down into phases and it was easier to manage which gave us an opportunity to actually parts of the working websites with each sprint and it allowed us to also to fix some issue at that point in time as opposed to six months down the road when you then realise there’s a problem.

We knew they understood travel and obviously us being a travel company, we thought they were the best fit.We wanted to make sure we were working with the best company because basically you get what you pay for.

If I could summarise Bright Interactive in a few words it would be, great coders who understand their client needs.