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Our philosophy

Our philosophy gives us a higher purpose than just earning money. It helps us form our strategy for the business and to make difficult decisions, especially where there is a conflict between different concerns.


Our top priority is a sustainable business, one that will thrive in the long term, without this we can't do anything else. Sustainability means looking after our customers, our team, revenue and profit.

We work to deliver value to our customers and our team, while respecting the community in which we operate. We strive to achieve the right balance between these three things.

Our customers

Customer value is the specific things, or outcomes, the customer wants, when they want them for the price they are prepared to pay. It is vital that our team seeks out this value (e.g. by regularly asking the customer), understands it in the eyes of the customer and sees all our work in this context.

Customer value is often not simply defined by what the customer asks for, but by a deeper need or desired outcome. We need to keep asking: what is truly valuable to the people that need this work?

Our target customers are organisations that place high value on quality in our products and services, and can afford this.

Our team

Team value is personal and team growth (through regular learning and problem solving), a good work/life balance and things like having interesting work and job security. It's also recognising that the best ideas often come from the team, those working most closely with the customer.

Community and ethics

We are committed to behaving ethically, contributing to economic development and improving the quality of life of our employees, their families, our local community and society at large.